Wrapt Surprise Balls

Wrapt Surprise Balls are a unique gifting experience for kids and adults alike. We curate, make, and hand-roll themed collections of tiny treasures into crepe paper balls. When unrolled, gifts spill out one-by-one to delight, inspire, and bring joy to the Opener. Fun to give, fun to open!


What is a Wrapt Surprise Ball?

Prize Ball. Gift Ball. Personal Pinata. Whatever you call them, Wrapt Surprise Balls are amaz-BALLS. Hand-rolled in Denver, Colorado.

Perfect for both kids and adults alike; balls are created in an ever revolving collection of themes. Check out our current selection of balls here.


Wrapt LLC

Created by three moms in Colorado with a shared love of tiny things and an obsession of colorful crepe paper. Wrapt exists to share joy and help others to express love by giving the perfect gift.